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You already have all of the answers. Give yourself the time to ask the questions, listen to the answers, and find the courage to follow your own advice. You don't have to do this thing alone. I am here to help.

I had a break through moment where everything that you were coaching on that I cognitively knew to be true, became a learned experience. The way we humans learn is through applying it and trying it on. It is real to me now. I understand what you are saying in a whole new way.
— Coaching Client, 2018

Would you like to know what it feels like to have nothing stopping you?  

Conscious Legal Minds offers confidential, mindfulness-based coaching to support you to:

  • Get unstuck

  • Release anxiety and overwhelm

  • Build resilience to professional burnout

  • Enhance job satisfaction

  • Feel confident at work

  • Change jobs

  • Lead yourself and others

  • Address compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma

  • Find work-life balance

  • Practice self-care

  • Prepare for retirement

I believe that lawyers are special people with extraordinary minds and a distinct perspective. We need unique approaches to navigate stuck places. Most of us are overwhelmed and overworked and trying to keep afloat in an imperfect legal system. And yet, I believe that our legal minds--trained to be skeptical and cynical--have space for optimism, possibility, and positivity. Resilience can be learned, and burnout and overwhelm avoided. Most importantly, I have proof that when our purpose, passion, and values inform our actions, there is no stopping us.

Personal coaching sessions with Laura change the way you live your life, think about your future, and exponentially increase your expectations for yourself and others. Sessions are tailored to meet you where you are and combine candid discussion,  mindfulness and neuroscience-based tools, and IFS* methodology to support you building your inner resources and reaching your goals.

Laura, I could not have gotten through the bar without you. I mean that. Thank you for being such a support.
— Coaching Client, 2016

Laura is an approved provider on the NC BarCARES provider panel. If you are a NC attorney in a participating district, contact BarCARES to request 3 cost-free executive coaching sessions with Laura today. 

*Laura completed Level I of Internal Family Systems (IFS) training by the Center for Self Leadership

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