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About Conscious Legal Minds 

I am a lawyer, a thought leader, and an agent of change. I believe in thinking differently about which skills we need to develop to be successful attorneys. I created Conscious Legal Minds LLC to help lawyers and law firms incorporate mindfulness, neuroscience, and resilience-building tools into the practice of law. 

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Improving our lives as lawyers and building resilience to 

professional burnout is a transformative process. It involves

examining how we think,

understanding the choices we make, 

looking at what blocks us, 

and at which principles guide us. 

Conscious Legal Minds assists individual and organizational clients in evaluating  what energizes and what depletes them in the workplace, what promotes professional vitality and what undermines it, what's working and what isn't. Armed with this knowledge, Conscious Legal Minds then helps clients to set and achieve realistic goals to reduce stress, build resilience, and prevent burnout. The result is personal and professional frameworks that are financially successful while simultaneously supporting and sustaining the individuals who live, work, and play within them. 


Ways lawyers and law firms benefit:

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved client relationships

  • Stronger individual and group leadership

  • Clarity of values, ideals, and purpose

  • More cohesive and efficient teams

  • Thriving and sustainable work environments

  • Ability to "bounce back" from stressful situations (resilience)

  • Prevention of professional burnout

  • Effective trainings that meet goals and objectives

If this resonates with you, or raises your curiosity about what is possible, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact Conscious Legal Minds and we can discuss the next best step for you or your firm. I am bilingual English/Spanish and am available to coach and consult in either language. 

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