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Laura Mahr, Esq.

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I am passionate about lawyers leading better lives. I love working with attorneys to figure out the tricky stuff, like how to get ourselves unstuck, how to actually develop and practice the tools that prevent professional burnout, and how to transform ourselves into leaders who know how to lead ourselves and others. I thrive on productivity, efficiency, organization, and connection. I like to make things happen and I like to support people in getting the right things done.  

After ten years of practicing law--representing survivors of trauma, starting two legal projects for marginalized communities, and training hundreds and hundreds of lawyers, advocates, and law enforcement on civil legal remedies to sexual violence--something became very clear. As much as I loved my work, I was losing my steam. I was becoming less and less resilient to stress, more and more exhausted, and entirely frustrated that I could not bounce back. 

I made a risky choice: stop practicing law and take a break. That break turned into a year-long quest to research and practice the tools that build resilience, grow self leadership, and address professional exhaustion, aka burnout. 

In my research, I learned that lawyers are different from the general population; the same traits that make us successful attorneys make us more susceptible to compassion fatigue and professional burnout. I met other lawyers who also felt burned out. I listened to their stories. Things started to make sense. 

Eventually, I discovered my personal formula for bouncing back. Most importantly, I learned that the skills to prevent or recover from burnout are tangible and practical, and that I have a passion to help others find their personal formula so that they can bounce back too.   

Through Conscious Legal Minds, I bring my 25 years of experience as an educator, facilitator, leadership developer, and lawyer together with my practices of yoga, meditation, self-care, and personal transformation work all under one roof. 

I merge my skills and philosophy with ground-breaking research on productivity, leadership, and resilience to form a cutting-edge model for legal practice. My goal is to help transform individual lawyers, legal teams, firms, and the institution of law. 


To find out more about how I help individuals and organizations, contact Conscious Legal Minds. I am bilingual English/Spanish and am available to train and consult in either language.

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