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Wellbeing Consulting for Law Firms

The greatest potential for improving your team’s productivity and your firm’s bottom line is by creating an infrastructure that supports wellbeing. Training and policies that support lawyers and support staff in caring for themselves grow profitable law firms that are resilient to stress. 

Is your firm ready to know what it feels like to fire on all cylinders? 

Do you feel confused about how to improve your firm's wellbeing culture without losing output? 

Conscious Legal Minds offers concrete solutions for your firm:

  • Developing wellbeing programs that promote mental health and physical wellbeing

  • In-house educational programs that teach lawyers and support staff useable stress reduction tools

  • Strategic planning and management training on how to build a firm culture that supports wellbeing

  • Burnout prevention for individuals or teams

  • Identifying signs of compassion fatigue

  • Increasing employee productivity, performance, and loyalty

  • Navigating interpersonal challenges at work

  • Developing leadership skills for groups or individuals

  • Identifying firm policies and practices that support or diminish wellbeing

  • What to do if you’re concerned about the wellbeing of a team member

  • Understanding what the national lawyer wellbeing initiative and the ABA’s call to action means for your firm

Investing in a firm culture that supports wellbeing results in:

  • Increased client satisfaction

  • Improved firm image

  • Higher caliber recruits

  • Decreased malpractice and ethical violations

  • Decreased turnover and healthcare costs

Consultation may include management training on wellbeing, creating and implementing firm-wide stress management curriculum trainings, identifying obstacles to wellbeing in policies, procedures, and practices, gathering pertinent feedback from staff, facilitating challenging discussions, conducting wellbeing retreats or “wellness weeks”, and/or resilience coaching with key leaders. 

Would you like to know what it feels like to create a law firm with which people love doing business? Contact Conscious Legal Minds today. 

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